PatienceRan across a great quote today while cleaning out my inbox from over two years worth of stuff.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” ― Leo Tolstoy

Patience….something we all want yet very few display so well. I’m guilty of being inpatient in most things I do. I’m a results driven kind of person and I feed off the 24/7 cycle. I am becoming far more aware of the need and benefit to disconnect, listen emphatically, slow-down from time-to-time. There’s an almost, Zen-like feeling that comes about when we experience true patience. But the battle constantly wages on in my head to get things done and create order in my universe. Awareness is the key; knowing when you’re getting that inpatient feeling. Knowing will allow you to reel in this anxious moment and better control your emotional output.

Time…something we all want more of. It’s almost hysterical to recall all the moments when I wished I had more time to work on something, get something done or live a moment just a bit longer. When I recall what I did with my “much needed” time I found that I am guilty of not effectively using it to begin with. It’s not that we don’t have enough time, it’s that we don’t prioritize what is important in our lives. What I found are several “squirrel” moments–where I hijacked my focus on an important project or quality time with my family…only to never regain my motivation to finish the task at hand.

The key to understanding the importance of patience and time is the ability to reflect more on what is important by using that stuff we call patience. One activity that aides our ability to have patience is meditation or isolating yourself from distractions. Once we’re able to clearly define our order of the day (our priorities) then our time spent or utilized feels far more effective. Bottom line folks….take some time, experience some patience and reflect on how you can better prioritize your life. Heck, just start with your morning routine. You’ll be amazed at how much more time you have in the morning if you focus on what’s important. With some patience and time on your side you’ll be better armed to battle those stressors in your lives. Happy Hunting!

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Perhaps this letter was a chance for Mr. Hastings to right a few wrongs and I have to take that at face value. I truly believe he put his heart into this letter and still feels bad for adjusting the plans without tending to the needs of the customer. For that, I forgive you! But that’s not enough for some people and that’s where I think many of us are wrong. Read More →